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Managed Internet Services 

As a neutral provider to collaboration with TM, Fibercomm, Celcom, Maxis, Speedcast, TIME, and others First Click has ability to provide a customize and suitable WAN services such as internet lease line, point-to-point lease line, broadband, Satellite services  to suite customer budget and environment. Managing WAN requires of experience, strong WAN knowledge on the TELCO system processes. First Click staffed with a strong technical team to help customer maintain, monitor, and administrate their daily WAN operation by onsite or remotely to ensure customer WAN is operate in ultimate performance in order to enhance customer daily operation via the WAN connection. The managed services will include Telco WAN Connection (Lease Line, Metro E DSL, and Wireless connection), Router, Multi WAN Devices, Switches, firewall and etc.

Managed Private Services

As metropolitan-area enterprise organizations extend their application networks beyond the buildings, point-to-point Ethernet systemshave become more widely utilized to bridge IP traffic between 2 locations.Point-to-Point Metro Ethernet (Metro E) is often used to connect two or more sites. Built on the latest fixed wired fibre optic technology,Point-to-Point Metro E network provides the scalability, flexibility and high bandwidth necessary to make the boundaries of the LocalArea Network disappear.When Metro E technology is widely used in this new century, management or managed services on the connection is become one ofimportant factor on the customer daily operation that is why we are here to introduce our Managed Private Services..

Managed IT Services
We provide manage services on firewall, router, internet load balancer WAN optimizer and etc:
  • Licensing monitoring and consultation services
  • Licensing and warranty renewal services
  • Onsite and Remote Support
  • Advance hardware replacement services
  • Dedicated Account Manager to manage the process
Managed VPN Services 

Managed VPN Services (MVS) provide a highly secure foundation that connects your corporate headquarters & branch offices. With our technology partner patented VPN Bonding technology you can enjoy:
• Multi WAN link VPN Bonding-combine multiple WAN link from different provider or different WAN link connections into a single and superfast VPN tunnel.
• Automatically Failover-In case of any WAN link failure, speed fusion will switch VPN traffic to the other available tunnel, this is call unbreakable VPN Session.
Benefits of Managed VPN Services:
• Unlimited Remote, email 24x7 technical support
• Dedicated Account and Project Manager
• Achieve near ZERO downtime for your VPN connection between HQ and Branches
• Patented VPN technology with 256-AES bit encryption security (Military Grades)